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Criminal ID

The need to positively identify individuals and their background is most crucial when dealing with criminals. Missing a positive identification can result in wanted criminals evading capture, or potentially putting law enforcement and the community at risk.

For law enforcement agencies interested in ubiquitous access to biometric identification, NEC offers its leading biometric solutions in various devices, including wireless fingerprint capture scanners.

Criminal AFIS

NEC's AFIS technology has assisted law enforcement agencies worldwide in the apprehension and conviction of thousands of criminals. Applying biometrics technologies in public safety can create an integrated law enforcement environment that helps to reduce risk, protect the officers, and enhance productivity.

NEC's AFIS delivers unparalleled accuracy, speed and flexibility demanded by law enforcement agencies to do their jobs more efficiently. As a world leader in integrated solutions, NEC is the only company with the expertise to deliver the hardware, software and services of the world's top-rated biometric solutions.

Jail ID

With Jail ID, multi-biometric technologies are used to verify the identities of inmates and jail visitors. For inmates, Jail ID confirms the identity of an individual during the pre-booking process, prior to release, and monitors facility transfers without requiring rebooking.

Visitor identities are also confirmed with biometrics prior to contact with inmates. Criminal background checks are conducted to ensure they are not wanted by law enforcement, and ensure the person who arrived as a visitor is the same person leaving.

Jail ID is a modular security solution that can be connected to NEC's Integrated Security Management solution, which provides centralized management of access control, CCTV cameras and facility alarms.

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