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Consumer ID

NEC offers a full selection of biometric and surveillance solutions that are beneficial tools for protecting financial assets, improving productivity and the quality of life, as well as enhancing marketing effectiveness.

Banking ID

NEC Banking ID is a complete and integrated security solution to validate the identity of patrons at the bank teller window, ATM or web portal. Instead of relying on PIN access, which numbers can be forgotten or stolen, bank customers' identities can be confirmed with biometric matching.

Incorporating biometrics not only increases the level of security, but also enhances customer satisfaction and bank productivity.

Healthcare ID

NEC provides patient record solutions that use its No. 1 rated biometrics for patient identification. Even the identities of unaccompanied and unconscious patients can be made quickly with biometrics matching, providing doctors with important health history records. Healthcare ID also utilizes multi-biometric technologies to confirm the identity of patients participating in confidential clinical studies or receiving psychiatric drugs that must be closely controlled.

Healthcare ID consolidates a patient's medical records throughout the hospital or clinic. Centralized access to a patient's medical history records and previous treatments provides caregivers instant access to critical life-saving information.

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