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Civil ID

Governments require dependable identification systems for national security and to prevent fraud. Leveraging its leading multi-biometric recognition solutions, NEC offers system integration services to deliver reliable identity verification solutions.

National/State ID

Biometric technologies in national ID systems serve to accurately authenticate valid national ID cards, and avoid the risk of issuing duplicate cards to citizens. This extra layer of identity verification vastly increases the security in government and commercial environments where confirming the identity of the individual is imperative.

NEC's multi-biometric National/State ID Solution offer both 1:1 verification and scalable 1:n identification allowing intermodal or multimodal fusion matching for broader applications. NEC can integrate this leading technology quickly and seamlessly into national ID systems.

NEC's latest biometric technologies, recognized as the most accurate worldwide, are incorporated into NEC's National/State ID solution to deliver an even greater degree of identity authentication. NEC's National/State ID solution is based on international standards, and many countries have chosen it for its unrivaled matching accuracy and for its easy adaptation to customer's business process.

Voter ID

For fast and accurate verification of each voter's identity on Election Day, governments are able to employ biometrics and a centralized voter ID database with all eligible voters' data to prevent election fraud.

Employing the world’s fastest and most accurate biometric identification technology, the speed and accuracy of NEC's Voter ID solution ensures that eligible voters are identified quickly to avoid long queues.

Driver License

In many countries that do not have National IDs, driver licenses have become the de facto standard form of identification, which elevates the need to improve the security of these documents. Biometric technologies enable governments to create a more secure Driver License system by eliminating duplicate and fraudulent Driver License.

NEC's Driver License solution integrates biometrics to verify the identity of the license holder. When issuing and renewing licenses, NEC's Driver License solution can streamline government services, and deliver operational savings.

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