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Access Control

Entrance and exit control – both externally and internally – ensures that only authorized individuals are granted access to the facility. These same access control solutions can be applied to restricted areas within the facility, employing multi-biometric identification for authenticating network access.

NEC offers scalable security solutions for companies interested in instituting tighter access control of their facilities today, yet need the flexibility to expand with future growth.

Time & Attendance Reporting

Adding NEC's biometric recognition technologies to logon procedures ensures that only authorized employees are gaining access to confidential information. NEC's access control unit and management software track all activity for each user logged into the network, and can generate a report for the Human Resources system to calculate compensation for each employee.

Vehicle Access Control

Controlling vehicle access on secured premises can be realized through NEC's license plate matching solution, which matches license plates automatically against a registered database. The solution can also use facial authentication to confirm the identity of the driver, and surveillance cameras to scan the undercarriage of the vehicle.

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