UC Emergency On-Site Notification

Protective Measures
Designed for use with NEC's UNIVERGE SV9300 and SV9500 communications servers, UC Emergency On-Site Notification locates anyone within an organization who dials emergency call even if using an IP phone.

The solution automatically passes the location of the dialer to the nearest assigned public safety answering point while notifying assigned emergency responders that an emergency call has been made and its exact location.

The UC Emergency On-Site Notification offers
  • Real-time monitoring of Emergency calls
  • Alerts to key personnel of emergency situations by text message or e-mail
  • The ability to push notifications to a select group in the event of a verified emergency or just a general announcement
  • NEC's UC Manager emergency location management feature to create and maintain an automatic location information database
* For using the UC Emergency On-Site Notification function, it is required to confirm if this functionality is complied with the regulation in local region.