UC Agent

Optimal Functionality
NEC's UC Agent is a unified communications (UC) desktop application for the contact center that combines the capabilities of our UC Desktop Client and the UC for Enterprise Contact Center suite of applications.

UC Agent improves agent productivity, business responsiveness and customer satisfaction by equipping contact center personnel with such responsive tools as intuitive call control, instant messaging and conference management.

The UC Agent offers
  • Prioritization of contact center calls based on call volume, customer and campaign promotion.
  • Agents with real-time status and availability of colleagues.
  • The opportunity to perform non-contact center duties during low call volumes.
  • Administrators/supervisors with the ability to set permissions for each individual agent.
  • Queue-specific stats and information directly to agents' desktops.
  • Call routing to the most appropriate department faster.
  • Conversion of non-contact center staff into call agents during unexpected call spikes.

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