Business ConneCT

All-in-one Unified Communications & Collaboration, Operator and Contact Center solution

Unify all Communications Streams and Empower your Business

At NEC we understand the important role your communication solution plays in supporting business processes and building effective relationships with your customers; being able to connect easily with them can make or break your business.
Today a variety of methods – phone, conferencing, email, voicemail, WhatsApp and chat – is available to support this. However, managing the various communication streams efficiently, can be challenging.

Truly unifying communications

UNIVERGE Business ConneCT, NEC’s all-in-one Unified Communications & Collaboration suite, integrates all communication streams in a single view, giving employees easy control over how to be contacted, via a choice of devices.

Business ConneCT adds call control, presence, voicemail, operator and directory services, as well as a comprehensive omni-channel Contact Center to your NEC communication server.

Business made Easy

While the benefits of UC&C are clear, its implementation is often regarded as complex and tedious. NEC’s UNIVERGE® Business ConneCT has been designed to be installed, used and managed easily.

Simple and costeffective to deploy, the three user modes – Employee, Operator and Contact Center Agent – use the same database, a common user interface, and are managed from a central point. These versatile modes allow employees to easily switch between roles. In peak hours e.g. some of your office staff or remote workers can act as Operator or Contact Center Agent.

Deployed around the world

Deployed by thousands of customers around the world, Business ConneCT is a proven solution that meets the dynamic needs of any organization, small or large. It enables your organization and employees to communicate more efficiently and effectively – and become more productive and competitive! Scalable, flexible and robust, it supports many languages to suit each ndividual and runs on a single or shared server. Its intuitive interface makes it easy to use, with minimal training. Additional features or users can be enabled by simply activating more licenses – all software based.


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