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ST500 Mobile Client

A mobile voice an video client for your smartphone

Smart mobile extension for your smartphone

NEC's UNIVERGE ST500 Mobile Client brings greater dexterity and heightened control to call management by making an Android™ or Apple® smartphone an employee's point of contact.

Able to transition between company network and Wi-Fi as needed, the UNIVERGE ST500 promotes workforce confidence that important calls won't be missed when out of the office or away from an assigned workstation. With UNIVERGE ST500, telephone and video conference calls can be easily made and received through an Android or Apple smartphone of choice and without it being overtly obvious that a call is being handled offsite.

Dial pad (iOS)

Contacts (iOS)

Dial pad (Android)

Voice call (Android)

Take the power of the ST500 at work, at home and anywhere

Employees shouldn’t be bound to a desk, they should be mobile - working where work takes them. NEC’s UNIVERGE ST500 softphones for Android and Apple smartphones allow you to make and receive voice and video calls from virtually anywhere, as if you were at your desk. Simply connect to Wi-Fi or use your mobile data (3G / 4G) to handle your calls.

  • UNIVERGE ST500 offers
  • One number and voicemail for uncomplicated connectivity and accessibility
  • Worker caller ID over cellphone number to ensure constant and recognizable identification
  • Simultaneous ringing of desk and smartphone client for maximum coverage
  • Improved collaboration with smartphone video conferencing
  • Greater transparency with one call history
  • Android and Apple compatibility

Technical Details

Smart Phone OS iOS 11.0.3+ or Android 4.0.3+
Communications Platform SL2100 R1 or later
SV9100 R7 or later
SV9300 V5 or later
SV9500 V5 or later
Connectivity Standard SIP
Voice Codecs OPUS, G.722.1, G.711, G.722, G.729a
Video Codec H.264 / AVC


Products availability may differ depending on the country/region