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Personalized Lounge Experience

Welcome to your own Airport Lounge

When air travel recovers, airport lounges will once again be a key component of many traveler’s journeys, especially for business travelers and other frequent flyers.

NEC offers an airport VIP customer biometric authentication solution that helps airport operators and airlines provide a better user experience to their most valued customers. By using Digital ID utilizing biometric authentication, a VIP customer can seamlessly enter and exit an airport lounge without the need to provide multiple identity documents, boarding passes and loyalty cards.

Eliminating the need for manual identity checks saves time for airport lounge staff, who can focus on providing better customer service.

A biometric, secure identity token can also be combined with other sources of information including traveler’s airport lounge preferences, such as food and drink requirements and other specific needs.

This service can deliver a highly personalized airport lounge experience to each individual traveler. Digital ID also makes interactions “touchless” so that hygiene is ensured, and the risk of infection is reduced.

Seamless payments can also be integrated to save the time of lounge staff. The individual needs of specific passengers can be targeted, which can make the airline’s user experience unique and a superior one over the competition.

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    To be sure, passengers should still be able to use their boarding pass for entrance, should they prefer not or are unable to use their biometric data.

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