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Biometric Flight Manifest

Instantly Know Who is Onboard

Airlines are responsible for creating and maintaining a flight manifest containing passenger information for every outbound departure. It is an extremely important document, as immigration authorities use this information to pre-screen arriving and departing passengers, which allows them to attempt to identify specific individuals and overall to ensure the safety of everyone on board. Sometimes, however, using traditional passport photos or other identity documents can lead to human error and hence lapses in security.

NEC offers a biometric flight manifest solution which allows airlines to easily create and maintain accurate flight manifests. The system can be updated in real time by photographing individuals as they board a flight and hence can easily compensate for any previously unscheduled passengers. As a measure to combat the COVID-19, this solution also helps to contact-trace more effectively, should the need arise.

Introducing a biometric flight manifest offers a secure and more efficient way of screening air travel passengers, so it has been adopted in many parts of the world. In the United States, NEC's solution is used with the Travel Verification System, a platform which cross-checks their Digital ID of passengers with flight manifests to help authorities ensure the safety of flights.

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    The traditional way should still be available, depending on the availability of biometric data based on passengers’ preferences.