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Intelligent and Customized Displays

Personal Displays for Every Passenger

With many of today’s airports spanning multiple terminals, it is often difficult for passengers to keep track of flight information and to obtain information that may be personally relevant.

In some cases, certain critical information such as flight disruptions and gate changes might not be updated in a timely fashion - there are still airports that rely on whiteboards to share important information and where passenger instructions are announced in a language unfamiliar to a passenger.

NEC offers a full suite of intelligent and customizable airport display solutions, which can create a better user experience for an air travel customer. NEC's latest display technology incorporates biometric technology which can provide tailored advertisements to travelers who are registered with an airline’s frequent customer program.

Users who have registered their facial biometric data are able to enjoy customized gate information and directions, possibly in a language they prefer. These displays will also be able to provide further useful and targeted information to individual passengers such as tourist information about their destination.

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    Understandably, some passengers may not wish to share their data, so this should be a clearly opt-in service.