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Border Control

Clear Immigration in Minutes

Border Control & Immigration have always meant close contact between travelers and agents checking their documents and verifying their identities, not to mention waiting in crowded lines.

To make this interaction “touchless” in future, automated border control systems will be important. They allow for faster, safer and smoother checks, while ensuring that safe distancing is kept.

NEC offers Digital ID management platform that is key to an automated solution. It eliminates the need for border control agents to manually examine travel documents and ask passengers questions, essentially allowing passengers to walk through the entire immigration process without physically interacting with the agents.

This significantly speeds up passenger flows at border control checkpoints while lowering the risk of infection and improving security and resource management.

Many of the world’s largest airports have implemented NEC's automated border control solution, bringing significant benefits. The system has significantly sped up the immigration process, resulting in a better overall customer experience. Fraud detection is also more accurately determined using a Digital ID.

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    There should always be an option for passengers who wish to use the traditional method, that is, with a passport and photograph.