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Airport Operations


A new era of air travel will be markedly different from how many knew it before the pandemic, with heightened traveler expectations of hygiene and safety. Airports can boost traveler confidence by lowering the risk of infection during this important part of a journey.

By deploying innovative solutions that are “touchless” and automated, airport operators can safely perform the required security checks while ensuring a smooth flow of passengers. Technologies such as thermography and face recognition, as well as effective crowd detection, will help ensure hygiene and safe distancing in the new air travel.

Ultimately, such intelligent services will help airport operators improve safety, increase efficiency and lower operational costs.

Passenger screening technology

A Safer, Seamless Airport

NEC’s solution takes advantage of innovations in face recognition and thermography to improve hygiene while eliminating queues at an airport. It automatically identify passengers with a potentially elevated body temperature as they pass through a checkpoint. NEC’s face recognition technology can also recognize faces with masks on.

Since the screening is carried out seamlessly, most passengers can pass through checkpoints without breaking stride, while someone who is feeling unwell may be asked to seek treatment.

The solution also takes into account privacy requirements. Pictures are erased within a certain amount of time and not shared with outside agencies. These includes images of persons with elevated temperatures.

Congestion management solutions

Keeping a Safe Distance

Crowd management is important in airports to reduce crowds and ensure that safe distancing protocols are followed. NEC’s congestion management solution uses image analysis to help airport operators visualize crowd density and pedestrian flow at the immigration section, baggage drop area, VIP lounges, and retail outlets.

Available in real time, the information will be critical in accessing factors such as flow quantity and direction, and congestion rate. With this, an airport operator can advise passengers to avoid congregating at one location to reduce the risk of infection.

NEC is also developing a way to output anonymized pedestrian information without using images from a camera. This means better protection of privacy and personal information, while making air travel a seamless, hygienic and safe experience.

Passenger Flow Management

An Airport Without Queues

As airport crowds become increasingly larger, it is also increasingly difficult to effectively manage large airport crowds using traditional methods. No-show boarding passengers, lost children and sick passengers are all significant causes of airport delays which consume precious resources for airport operators and better solutions are needed.

NEC has developed a passenger flow management solution which automates the process of identifying and locating passengers who are in trouble, enabling a quick and efficient response. The system uses a variety of connected cameras and biometric authentication software, which can be used to identify a missing passenger who can be immediately located.

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Displays for all passenger

There is an increasing need to minimize passenger confusion and anxiety by providing real-time, relevant and easy-to-digest information. Airport staff are also increasingly confronted with constantly changing data and on-site retailers need attractive displays to attract the attention of potential customers.

NEC has an industry-leading portfolio of airport display solutions which serve the needs of the entire airport ecosystem and our state-of-the-art products include flight information display system (FIDS), wayfinding, retail signage, control and monitoring and multi-touch passenger entertainment displays.

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