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NEC ESMPRO Server Management software

NEC servers feature efficient centralized management capabilities provided by NEC ESMPRO server management software.

The Ongoing Trend of Server Consolidation

Since the launch of its Express5800 series servers, NEC has been committed to progressively introducing the latest innovative hardware technologies.

With the advancement in hardware, today's businesses are following a rising trend toward server consolidation, such as logical consolidation of multiple servers into a single server and physical consolidation of geographically distributed servers into a more secure and safeguarded data center environment. Performance improvements and space-saving designs are spurring this trend while ever increasing the call for system reliability.

Round-the-clock monitoring is thus the norm for today's server management. The current focus is how easily and efficiently multiple servers can be managed through centralized management.

NEC ESMPRO Server Management Software

NEC Express5800 series servers all come standard with NEC ESMPRO server management software, which consists of NEC ESMPRO Manager and NEC ESMPRO Agent. An NEC ESMPRO Agent collects a variety of hardware information from the server it resides on. NEC ESMPRO Manager in turn provides the collected information of all servers on the network to the administrator through a single status viewer to allow centralized management.

The web-based graphical interface of the integrated status viewer offers a similar look-and-feel to commonly used web-based applications to alleviate the burden on administrators.

NEC ESMPRO and EXPRESSSCOPE Engine Takes Your Server Management to the Next Level

Remote Peak Power ManagementNew


Coupled with EXPRESSSCOPE Engine, the baseboard management controller embedded in NEC servers, the capabilities of NEC ESMPRO become available from a remotely located management console.


When NEC ESMPRO Agent residing on the server detects a failure, it immediately sends an alert to the NEC ESMPRO Manager on the management console and helps identify the problem and its location by color-coded icons on the console screen. To minimize downtime, NEC ESMPRO interacts with EXPRESSSCOPE Engine to enable remote operation so that the administrator is not necessarily required to travel to the failed server for remedial tasks.

One of the basic features of the NEC ESMPRO and EXPRESSSCOPE Engine Suite is peak power management, or power capping. The function allows administrators to remotely define the peak power consumption of servers. In addition, the actual power draw is displayed as a real-time graph to provide intuitive insight on power use and its cost.

NEC ESMPRO and EXPRESSSCOPE Engine together support remote settings of the following power-saving features:

  • Shift peak power
  • Set off an alert when power reaches user-defined threshold levels for warning or abnormality* *Only the abnormal value can be defined with EXPRESSSCOPE Engine 3
  • Automatically run defined action when power continues to exceed the threshold (e.g. OS shutdown, collect system event logs, report to administrator)

Run Scheduled Jobs without UPSNew

Even in systems without an Uninterruptable power supply (UPS), NEC ESMPRO in conjunction with EXPRESSSCOPE Engine can perform scheduled tasks to shutdown/restart servers. This supports power-efficient operation through automatically shutting down servers during idle hours. In addition, the scheduled tasks can be easily cancelled or reset to flexibly respond to changing conditions.

NEC ExpressUpdate Simplifies Version Control

While version control of firmware such as BIOS is critical for ensuring stability of servers, the heavy workload ― constantly obtaining updates, downloading modules, and applying the change to each individual server ― can be daunting for server administrators.

NEC ExpressUpdate provides a solution to version control by consolidating management of update modules and its installation procedures for BIOS and firmware of multiple servers. It automatically collects the latest updates through the web and notifies the management console. The administrator then can install the updates to the remotely-located servers by simple procedures ― just a few clicks on the management screen. While reducing onerous tasks, as well as time and cost to travel to each site, NEC ExpressUpdate ensures your servers are updated with the latest modules.

ExpressUpdate enables you to automatically collect update modules, and consolidate the management of the module updates and schedules on multiple servers from the Management PC with NEC ESMPRO Manager (ver. 5 or later).
NEC ExpressUpdate automatically collects latest update modules
Installation of update module to multiple servers
NEC ESMPRO Manager automatically collects update modules and executes schedules to apply the updates to multiple servers from a management console with NEC ESMPRO Manager (Ver.5 or later).