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NEC Vision for Social Value Creation

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Brand Statement

Orchestrating a brighter world

Creating new value through Solutions for Society

The social issues afflicting every country and region in the world must be faced, and resolved, through a concerted effort by the global community. To that end, NEC Group is looking to produce Solutions for Society, through which we aim to improve social infrastructures by utilizing information and communications technologies (ICT), thereby realizing a safe, secure, efficient, and equal society where people are able to live prosperous lives.

Orchestrating a brighter world

NEC has formulated a new brand statement, "Orchestrating a brighter world," along with seven themes to represent our approach to social value creation. With a firm eye on the future and an intuitive understanding of how the world, society, and technologies are changing, we are committed to creating new value for our customers, partners, and the global community as a whole by discovering and solving the true issues faced by society, thereby achieving our goal of making the world a brighter place.

Reading the NEC Vision Book 2015-2016

NEC Vision Book 2015-2016

More information about NEC's vision for social value creation and the steps we are taking to achieve this vision can be found in NEC's Vision Books.
These books can be viewed in various formats including as a page-flipping eBook.

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