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NEC Vision for Social Value Creation

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Big Data Solutions

Extracting new value from big data through unique artificial intelligence technologies

NEC uses advanced world-class analysis technologies to support big data utilization

Data has no value if it is simply collected and stored. It is also important to utilize the data to solve issues and create value for society and companies.
To create value from big data, the three processes of "sensing", "analytics", and "actuation" are essential. "Sensing" is used to visually represent various phenomena that exist in the real world as digital data. "Analytics" are then used to analyze this huge volume of data, and extract knowledge and laws hidden in the data in order to make predictions and forecasts. Finally, "actuation" applies the knowledge and principles acquired by the analytics to businesses and systems, where it is then fed back to the real-world to create value.
In the especially important field of analytics, we will be making use of our own world-beating analytical technologies which are based on our research of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning accumulated over many years.
Moving forward, we will utilize cutting edge technologies to firmly support this "trinity" of big data utilization and realize value creation with big data.

Reading the NEC Vision Book 2015-2016

NEC Vision Book 2015-2016

More information about NEC's vision for social value creation and the steps we are taking to achieve this vision can be found in NEC's Vision Books.
These books can be viewed in various formats including as a page-flipping eBook.

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