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NEC Vision for Social Value Creation

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Manufacturing / Logistics / Retail / Services

(Global Enterprise Solutions)

Transform your potential into business growth

NEC creates new value by linking people, things, and processes

The enterprise market, encompassing the manufacturing, logistics, distribution, and service industries, is facing great changes in business environment. The causes are varied, but include a number of modern phenomena such as multipolarization of the global market, accompanying the growth of emerging market economies, intensified global competition, sophistication and diversification of customer needs in mature markets, and reductions in labor forces due to low birthrates and aging population. What is required is value chain innovation, through which new value is created by connecting people, things, and processes along the supply chain that links MAKE (the manufacturing industry), CARRY (the logistics industry), and SELL (the distribution and service industries).
NEC strongly believes that a process of innovation by which new value is created can be constructed by incorporating ICT, such as IoT, big data, and SDN into the value chain.

NEC solutions provide total support for "MAKE," "CARRY" and "SELL"

NEC established the NEC Manufacturing Co-Creation Program to provide support for our enterprise customers, and share the benefits of our achievements in developing and implementing production innovations.
With this concept, we are not only providing a range of solutions, but are also working closely with more than 1,700 members from 600 companies (as of September 2015).
NEC also provides unique image recognition technologies for transportation that increase the efficiency of shipping inspections, and we have improved logistics quality by developing a solution that visualizes the status of products during transportation, thereby letting the customer know the location of their goods at any given time. In the retail field, NEC offers store management and service solutions that enable round-the-clock operations on a global scale, and use our unique big data analysis technologies to enable accurate demand forecasting, thereby improving automatic ordering.
Our goal is to achieve value chain innovations that create new value across all processes that link the making, carrying and selling of goods, and by doing so, help people live more prosperous lives.

Reading the NEC Vision Book 2015-2016

NEC Vision Book 2015-2016

More information about NEC's vision for social value creation and the steps we are taking to achieve this vision can be found in NEC's Vision Books.
These books can be viewed in various formats including as a page-flipping eBook.

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