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NEC Vision for Social Value Creation

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Next generation network solutions enabled by NEC's ICT

Building social infrastructures based on the fusion of IT and network technologies accumulated by NEC over many years

With the rapid growth of smartphones, many companies have entered the video and message distribution business. However, demands in the telecom market have become increasingly diversified, with users requiring secure networks, bandwidth guaranteed networks, and even IoT connectivity to connect their various devices to the network.
With a rich track record in the global market for meeting the demands and needs of telecom carriers, NEC offers a wide range of solutions in this field. These include the highly reliable, high-quality microwave radio system "PASOLINK" that was developed over the long history of NEC's radio communications business and that is widely adopted in more than 150 countries worldwide. NEC is also a top-class vendor that has been dealing with the development of submarine cable systems for more than 40 years. In fact, NEC has laid more than 200,000 km of submarine cables, which is equivalent to about 5 times the circumference of the earth. NEC contributes significantly to the diversification and sophistication of the telecommunications business by combining expert knowledge with advanced technologies to build a solution portfolio that also includes TOMS (Telecom Operation & Management Systems), SDN and NFV (Network Functions Virtualization) solutions.

NEC is pioneering the evolution of networks as a leading company in the telecom field

Committed to supporting next-generation telecom carrier networks, NEC is an active member of international standardization organizations working in the telecom field. In addition to SDN/NFV based networks, we are also promoting the development of wireless broadband solutions such as 5G that are targeted for rollout in 2020.A true pioneer, NEC has already launched a range of innovative SDN/NFV solutions on the market ahead of all competitors. As a result of this early commercialization, NEC has become a major contributor to improving networks through optimized resource assignment and flexible and dynamic control of entire network topologies.
NEC has also been working together with our U.S. subsidiary NetCracker, who has a strong customer base and track record in the global deployment of TOMS, to accelerate coordination between SDN/NFV and TOMS and provide enhanced telecom solutions to our global customers.

Reading the NEC Vision Book 2015-2016

NEC Vision Book 2015-2016

More information about NEC's vision for social value creation and the steps we are taking to achieve this vision can be found in NEC's Vision Books.
These books can be viewed in various formats including as a page-flipping eBook.

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