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Resorts World Sentosa NEC provides 24/7 IT managed services that must not fail under any cirsumstances.


Resorts World Sentosa

When customers walk through the front entrance of any attraction in Resorts World Sentosa without standing in line, chances are, they're thinking about all the fun they'll have at one of the largest integrated resorts in Asia - not the technology behind their smooth entry. And that's just the way Mr. Yap Chee Yuen, Senior Vice President of Innovation & Technology, Resorts World at Sentosa, wants it.  "The first impression of the customer into the resort is very important," he says.  "Our aim is to enable our visitor to have seamless flow throughput through the resort."


photo: Yap chee Yuen
Mr.Yap Chee Yuen
Senior Vice President
Innovationi & Technology and Operation Services Resorts World Sentosa
Resort World Sentosa is an iconic project designed to provide a world-class tourist destination in Singapore.  It has a colorful tapestry of attractions, accommodations, gaming and entertainment offerings, all with one main purpose: to make sure guests have a wonderful time and will want to return again and again.  At Resorts World Sentosa, the big challenge is to keep attractions - which are as varied as Universal Studios, an aquarium, an amusement park, casinos, shopping, dining and more - all running as one operation, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Not only that, a resort on this scale is the first of its kind in Singapore.  "Resorts World Sentosa is Singapore's first integrated resort and it's a new concept that is pioneering for the region," said Mr. Yap.  "We needed to develop new business processes for a new industry in Singapore.  Since we needed to utilize IT, in such circumstances, to operate Resorts World Sentosa, we knew that unexpected issues and problems would appear." To protect against such difficulties and integrate all these different pieces along with the added challenge of breaking ground in a new industry, it made sense to have one provider who could deliver end-to-end solutions.  To support this goal, Mr. Yap said, "It is fortunate for us to have the NEC team providing the 24 by 7 technical support."


To meet all these needs on a constant and continuous basis throughout the year, NEC brings together its expertise in three areas: physical structures, like a sophisticated entrance mechanism for the casino; integrated operations, like the full ticketing and admission system that keeps people moving without lines; and, most importantly, the IT strengths of managed services.  Of course, the physical part is the first point of contact between the customers and the resort, so it is essential that the process be flawless.  That's what gets people inside.  After that, it's the managed services that gives the resort staff the freedom to keep them happy once they're there.  Using managed services enables the resort to make the most strategic use of its human resources.  This helps make sure everything stays running so smoothly that guests have a seamless experience as they move from one entertainment zone to another.  Mr. Yap says his vision is "to become the leading brand in destination resorts in the region, focusing on guest experience."

photo: Tan Goh Beng
Mr.Tan Goh Beng
NEC Asia Pacific
NEC's managed services are what makes this possible," said Mr. Tan Goh Beng of NEC Asia Pacific. To provide the best service possible, he continues, "The IT systems must not fail under whatever circumstances."
The managed services team is responsible for taking care of all the IT challenges that come along with operating a vast and complex business system. By taking on that responsibility, NEC enables the management and employees at Resorts World Sentosa do what they do best - exercise their own skills and talents to give their guests an unforgettable resort experience.
In the planning phase, NEC was able to leverage the experience and strengths of being a global IT leader with the personalization that is only possible with a strong local management commitment. "Our ability to deliver the systems in a timeframe that met the customer's requirements shows the benefits of being a global company, while the local team understands the customer's needs intimately and was able to conceptualize the designs and the architecture of the systems," explained Mr. Tan. This combination of strengths enables fast development cycles with fine-tuned attention to the customer's needs.


Now that the resort has started welcoming guests to some areas even as others continue to grow.  The focus is on quickly taking care of any problems that might come up.  No one knows a system better than the company that built it, so it makes sense to have NECare, NEC's support and services center, on call and nearby.  This is where the local commitment to managed services shines.  NEC's desk agents for Resorts World Sentosa regularly handle vast numbers of service requests and incident calls per month.  More than 95% of them are solved immediately.  If and when any kind of trouble comes up, the appropriate local service technician with the right skills and local understanding can be dispatched immediately.  This is what end-to-end is all about.  "The advantage of NEC is that NEC has a diverse range of system integration skills, and is able to provide end-to-end solutions in both IT and networking," Mr. Yap said.  "That is the main reason why RWS chose NEC to work with."

Ultimately, what keeps this business running smoothly is the way that the systems, the technology and the people all work together.  Mr. Yap said, "The key factor is the high chemistry and x-factor between the team, both the management and the players.  It is important that our customers have a great day at the resort without any disruption from the technical aspects of the operation."

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