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Moviecom Digital Cinema NEC has brought state of the art digital projectors to national theater chain Moviecom in Brazil.



According to Gustavo Ballarin, Director of Operations and Marketing for Moviecom, the beginning of the migration to digital technology took place a few years ago with the purchase of the first 3D projectors from NEC. Due to the increase in quality and ease of use, the company decided to invest in the process of digitization of its equipment.

In addition, the financial incentives the movie theater chains are getting, from major distributors in Hollywood as well as from the Brazilian government, in order to leverage the technology migration in theaters in the country, have driven the updating of the auditoriums to digital technology. The need and urgency prompted by the market drove NEC to eagerly accept the challenge of handling the peculiarities of the various auditoriums owned by the Moviecom chain, and of meeting the group's expansion plan expectations for the coming years, ensuring long-term revenue streams through a future proof solution.


Moviecom will soon have 107 movie theaters in several regions of the country. Initially, the agreement involved providing the complete digital projection system for 72 auditoriums.

An integrated solution for digital cinema, consisting of a line of high performance projectors, audio equipment, projection screens, content, automation and 3D solutions servers, plus all the other equipment required for digitization.

For this partnership, NEC provided financing for the operation in the form of a leasing agreement and assured after sales support through the provision of spare parts in Brazil, ensuring reliability, quality and savings to the customer.

Some of the differentials found in NEC’s digital cinema solution are:

Complete service infrastructure

  • Integrated Professional Service center
  • Over 400 trained professionals
  • Precautionary solutions in order to prevent empty theaters
  • Contact Center for 24/7 support
  • Real time remote monitoring - NOC (optional)

Technical Training Center

  • Qualified team of instructors
  • Certifications ranging from basic to advanced
  • State of the art equipment

Distribution Logistics

  • A great variety of readily available inventory strategically located in various regions of Brazil.

Tailored Solutions

  • For small, medium or large auditoriums.
  • 2K and 4K projector resolution, compatible with HFR (High Frame Rate)
  • Compatible with all 3D systems

World-wide standard

  • DLP Cinema technology by Texas Instruments
  • DCI standard approved

The lowest TCO in the market

  • Modular equipment
  • Quickness of maintenance
  • Redundancy of lamps (NC900C)
  • Easy setup and configuration
  • No need to change the DMD’s cooling liquid


The expected results due to this new technology were amazing, which generated several opportunities for Moviecom. Among them are:

  • With the digitization, clients can purchase movies and other content in digital format, making it unnecessary to acquire them in analog format;
  • Considerable decrease in operational costs;
  • Being able to easily show digital content in several formats;
  • Greater speed in acquiring copies from the main film distribution companies. Also, some films will only be distributed in digital format;
  • Once digitized, the theater is ready to receive subsidies from the large distributors for the next 6 years.

"What really caught our attention about NEC’s projects is the ultimate quality of the image, especially in regard to brightness, perfection, definition and depth," says Ballarin, Director of Moviecom. In terms of operations the executive also highlights the robustness of the equipment, the ease of use and little maintenance required, as well as the service provided by NEC.


NEC, a leading global provider of converged solutions for Information and Communications Technology, brings to the global market world-class digital projectors for movie theaters, already a hit in the Brazilian market, with the promise of contributing to the advancement of the industry worldwide.

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(DEC 13,2013)