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RIOgaleão - Tom Jobim International Airport

Integrated Airport Solutions

NEC solved various issues for complex plans and provided the integrated solutions in a short period of time.


Photo: New Terminal Building

RIOgaleão - Tom Jobim International Airport in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is a leading Latin American airport, handling over 400 departures and arrivals daily, and 17 million passengers annually.
To meet the world-class sporting event happen in Rio, the airport – which predicted that more passengers than ever from around the world was to visit the city – developed an improvement and expansion project so it provided a safer, securer and more comfortable user experience. The new concourse was expanded to have 26 new boarding gates in an area of 100,000 square meters.
For this project RIOgaleão chose none other than NEC – the experts in ICT solutions as its integration partner to improve the infrastructure and security of its facilities.


Integrating the latest systems for a 24/7 airport

Providing visitors with a comfortable user experience through enhanced safety and security in its key facilities is essential for an international airport operator. Therefore, building a 24/365 nonstop security and ICT infrastructure was of utmost. With the world-class event approaching, Mr. Alexandre Villeroy, Chief Information Officer at RIOgaleão, who accelerated this project in an extremely short time, explains,

Photo: Alexandre VilleroyAlexandre Villeroy
RIOgaleão Airport, CIO

"We needed to build a new concourse more than 100 square meters, in addition to the existing two terminals operating 24/7. This expansion must provide passengers with the latest technologies in safety, accessibility and connectivity.
The biggest challenges we faced were the construction of a new concourse that can operate these state-of-the-art technologies, and integrating them with the existing systems without interrupting daily airport operations."
In addition, building an Integrated Operational Center was essential to streamline efficiency and reduce operating costs as all operations and management of the airport were controlled separately from different locations.


Proven technology and manpower solves complex plans in a short time

Mr. Villeroy also mentions, "The solutions we needed were wired and wireless data networks, the latest security system ideal for international airports, and a way to integrate them without interrupting daily airport operations."
Various systems and equipment had to be implemented together with the existing infrastructure and new concourse. RIOgaleão chose NEC as its partner to integrate the ICT solutions.
"With the world-class event approaching, we were extremely pressed for time. Therefore we selected NEC – renowned for solving various issues for complex plans and providing the ideal integrated technologies in a short period of time."

Photo: New Terminal Interior

A wide range of solutions were implemented by NEC for this project. The mission-critical system infrastructure that operates 24/365 nonstop integrated with numerous complex equipment and technologies and a wide range of networks include: IP networks, Wi-Fi, telephone PBX, CCTV, access control, public address system, fire detection and alarm system, and flight information displays.
And an Integrated Operational Center that can centrally manage all operations from a single location was created.
And they were achieved through the technical support by highly skilled NEC IT professionals experienced in multi-platform integration.
"NEC's strong points are its ability to integrate complex technologies and manage critical projects. These two factors were crucial for the success of our project. And NEC proved to be the right partner for such a tremendous scale project and in so limited time.
We also chose NEC for its proven experience in Brazil and in other countries around the world."
Mr. Villeroy highly praises NEC for supporting him and numerous businesses in Brazil with integrated ICT solutions for over 40 years.


Increased safety and security for a more comfortable airport experience

The ICT solutions integrated by NEC contributed greatly to the opening of RIOgaleão's new concourse. In addition to managing the implementation of the state-of-the-art equipment of the Integrated Operational Center, their smooth integration with the existing infrastructure successfully streamlined efficiency and reduced costs.
Furthermore, it boosted the airport's security level so it can provide visitors with a more comfortable user experience.
Mr. Villeroy's closing remark on the future of RIOgaleão also hints even further expectations for NEC.
"Safety and security are issues that we must constantly deal with at this airport since many people are circulating here as same scale as a town.
Therefore, it is essential to have the right partner to eliminate or minimize such risks. And we're confident that NEC will continue to be the right company for dealing with these issues."


RIOgaleão - Tom Jobim International Airport is 24-hour international airport in Rio de Janeiro. It is the largest airport site and the second busiest in international passenger traffic in Brazil. It is also a South American hub for both passenger and cargo airlines.

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RIOgaleão - Tom Jobim International Airport

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