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Alfamart Retail Solution Best in class POS solution has unlocked more opportunities for Alfamart to accelerate its business.



PT Sumber Alfaria Trijaya Tbk operates 8,000 Alfamart mini market stores across Indonesia. Alfamart has initiated to modernize point of sale (POS) to gain more powerful performance and improve its services. The impressive performance and technology of NEC’s TWINPOS G5 has led Alfamart to install the solution in its stores. The utilization of the TWINPOS G5 enables Alfamart’s store clerks to be more comfortable and faster in serving customers due to its easy adaptability. The interactive dual displays demonstrate sophisticated look, thus made Alfamart a preferred modern store in Indonesia.


photo: Bambang Setyawan Djojo
Bambang Setyawan Djojo
IT Director of PT Sumber Alfaria Trijaya Tbk
  Alfamart used to operate general PC as POS in the checkout counters. However, the conventional PC could not match the resilient needs for retail industry that requires 24/7 reliability.

Bambang Setyawan Djojo, IT Director of PT Sumber Alfaria Trijaya Tbk, recalled that it was sufficient to use general PC as POS at the early stage. “Nonetheless, in the long run, our stores are gradually increasing and several stores have 24-hours operations. We finally decided to seriously look for POS solutions that are able to meet Alfamart’s specific needs with affordable price as well,” says Bambang.

In addition, Alfamart’s IT division should also support its marketing division programs to engage customers’ interactive experiences through POS device. Bambang said that Alfamart intended to be perceived as a state-of-the-art retail store that involves interactive customer experiences.


photo: Michael D. Pratadaja
Michael D. Pratadaja
General Manager
PT NEC Indonesia
  Having seen several solutions offered by technology providers, Alfamart found out that NEC’s proposed TWINPOS G5 customized design fits to accommodate Alfamart’s specific needs. Both parties have a lot of discussion on Alfamart’s requirements and several specifications to be adjusted. “We also request for dual 15” touch screen POS system. Thereby, this enables our marketing campaign, ‘Pencet-pencet Asik’, to run interactively between customers and our store clerks. The campaign provides prizes for Alfamart customers. After paying at the cashier counter, customers will choose the prizes by touching the screen display themselves,” Bambang noted.

Alfamart is NEC’s first customer for TWINPOS G5 deployment in the world. NEC is committed to supporting Alfamart in hardware and software solutions for their business growth and rapid expansion.

Michael D. Pratadaja, General Manager – System Integration Solution Department, Enterprise Solutions Division, PT NEC Indonesia, explained that NEC’s retail solutions was highly acknowledged by most of leading retailers in Japan. “Now, we are ready to bring our expertise to Indonesia. We are keen to provide our prominent POS solution to help Alfamart’s growing expansion,” Michael added.

TWINPOS G5 provides unique versatility wrapped with sophisticated design. It offers powerful energy-efficient performance and its innovation includes tool-free component replacement and elegantly compact design.

The deployment process in Alfamart chain stores was surprisingly faster than expected. Alfamart applies ‘buyback program’ to the franchisees and simultaneously educates them about the importance of brand equity through high-tech store ambience. “It is important to build positive perception on our stores as well as make customers feel comfortable, well-served, and more attached to Alfamart,” says Bambang.



NEC’s POS solution definitely sets a new standard for Alfamart stores. It gives a package of reliability, durability, user-friendliness, and new-fashioned look. “When we first deployed the TWINPOS G5, it only took a short time for our store clerks to seamlessly change the habit of using keyboard to touch screen. It is easy to use,” says Bambang.

The touch screen helps store clerks to be more efficient because they only have to focus on the whole menu in the display and get the transaction done faster. At the same time, customers can see their purchased items list through the opposite LCD display, and customers can feel their shopping experience through the touch screen.

Bambang expressed his delight, mentioning that NEC has provided excellent services from the beginning of implementation process to go-live stage. “Most of the customers are satisfied with their experiences in Alfamart stores because of this sophisticated ambience, and it takes shorter queuing time at check out counters. The integration of interactive POS machine helps us to secure Store Equity Index leadership for 5 consecutive years from 2008,” he added.

Alfamart is going to optimize TWINPOS G5 excellent performance in the future. Several plans in the pipeline are synchronizing G5 with EDCs from banks, displaying principles’ promotional videos, utilizing games for kids, and more values to come.

NEC’s best-in-class POS solution has unlocked more opportunities for Alfamart to accelerate its business. As the technology is getting integrated, Bambang indicates that Alfamart will look forward to invest its retail infrastructure with more NEC’s world-class retail solutions. Alfamart opens around 800 new stores per year and plans to integrate its existing G5 with NEC’s advanced retail solutions to enhance purchase order, inspection, and inventory management.


Established in 1989, PT Sumber Alfaria Trijaya Tbk has become one of the leading retailers in Indonesia, serving more than 2.5 million customers daily.

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