What NEC's New Brand Message Means For You

NEC recently introduced its new brand message – Orchestrating a brighter world. The change is not merely a communication shift. Instead, it's a reinforcement of the company's vision of working towards developing solutions for the betterment of global society.

A technology leader for over a century, NEC is the among the top 100 manufacturers in the world, holding around 74,000 patents worldwide. Known as Nippon Electric Company Limited back then, it was established by Kunihiko Iwadare on 17 July 1899.

Right from the beginning, NEC has been a visionary, offering solutions that were way ahead of its time. The concept of 'follow-up services' that was unheard of among Japanese businesses was popularized by none other that NEC, 50 years before it became mainstream. This only goes to show the wholehearted dedication with which the company has watched out for its customers, and continues to do so even today.

It is this single-minded focus on the wellbeing of its end users that has driven NEC's innovation. More importantly, NEC also recognizes its responsibility towards the society and the planet at large. Every cutting edge technology unveiled by the company - From world's fastest super computer to the point of sales (POS) machines has been with the aim of improving people's lives, providing better solutions to the society, and, of course, 'Orchestrating a Brighter World'.

NEC is going to focus on advancing social infrastructure across the world by creating an ICT-enabled society in the coming years. By working closely with customers and partners, the company plans to leverage technology and expertise to shape all its projects, ensuring that they cater perfectly to the needs of the local society. Instead of providing isolated solutions, NEC is looking to develop comprehensive systems that will redefine the overall lifestyle of the society, making it safer, more secure, and more efficient.

NEC's vision for the future is a lot more holistic than it has been before. The company has always been true to its consumer driven vision since its inception. With the new brand message, NEC not only reinforces this desire but also declares its commitment towards building a better society; to give its audience the bright future they've always dreamed of; the future that they deserve.

To better understand the vision NEC has for the society of the future, Watch NEC's brand video to learn more about NEC's vision for society.


Tuesday, 29 Sep 2015