NEC India Turns 10
A Milestone In Our Continuous Journey


A decade ago, on 1st August 2006, NEC Corporation established their roots in India – with the birth of NEC India. Today we celebrate NEC India’s first decade as a company. Our success story spans not only ten years but also reiterates our commitment towards better products, better services, passion for innovation, etc.

A Long Association With India

NEC has been associated with India since 1956, with offices in Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, New Delhi and Bangalore. Since then a lot of things have changed in India. Aside from an almost 3-fold growth in both nominal GDP and per capita income, India’s population grew by more than 150 million – or more than the entire population of Japan.

Rapid urbanization, growth in GDP and per capita income have created the need for smart and efficient technological solutions in Indian cities, where maximum urbanization is taking place.

At NEC India, we believe the best way to build a brighter, safer and more equitable society is to organically combine human, physical and technological resources through the use of information and communication technology.

NEC India has unique in-house capabilities to provide highly reliable, customized, scalable, flexible IT and network technologies. These capabilities are being increasingly relied upon by governments, businesses, individuals and society in various areas like Public Safety and Security, Retail, Private Network, Carrier Network, Smart Energy, Transportation, IT and Multimedia.

Through these strategic business activities, NEC creates an efficient, sustainable society for future generations.

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NEC emphasizes an ‘’information society friendly to humans and the earth, based on value that helps ensure safety, security, efficiency and equality, enabling people to live more abundant lives.’’

As we look to the future, our focus will be to engage in more partnerships and technology collaborations with governments and businesses to enhance India’s social infrastructure through:

  1. Real time technologies to overcome limitations of time
  2. Dynamic technologies to respond quickly to change
  3. Remote technologies to overcome limitations of space


In 2015, NEC announced a new corporate brand statement, "Orchestrating a brighter world".

“This message represents our firm commitment to continue exercising a proactive leadership role as a social value innovator, while integrating our superior technologies, expertise and ideas to orchestrate a brighter way of life and society in India’’- Takayuki Inaba, Managing Director, NEC India

Today NEC India’s award-winning solutions are being successfully used by:

  1. Law Enforcement Agencies in India:
    1. Surat City Police – Face Recognition System
    2. Government of Andhra Pradesh – Safe City Development in Tirupati
    3. Government of Karnataka – Smart City and Cybersecurity
  2. Hospitality Industry in India:
    1. Lemon Tree Hotel – India’s third largest chain (Face recognition system)
    2. Haldiram – One of India’s most trusted brands
  3. Retail & Entertainment Industry in India
    1. PVR – one of India’s premium Retail entertainment companies
    2. DT Cinemas
    3. Land Mark
    4. Pavers England
    5. India Steel Summit
  4. Many other sectors such as Education, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Telecom, Aviation, Banking & Finance.


NEC India will continue to provide innovative business solutions by helping upgrade India’s social infrastructure with ICT by increasing the sophistication of infrastructure systems and services indispensable to society.

Our last ten years represent an incredible voyage. We are deeply aware of the support of our customers and employees, and commit to grow and build our business by creating new service lines. We look forward to your continuous and unflinching encouragement on this journey.