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NEC Organization

NEC Corporation Organization Chart

Summary of each Units

Sales Business Unit

Sales operations covering all domestic customers and sales operations encompassing NEC's entire product line-up Sales operations carried out in collaboration with domestic partner companies

International Sales and Operations Business Unit

Sales operations covering all overseas customers and encompassing NEC's entire line-up of products and services based on cooperation with overseas subsidiaries

IT Services Business Unit

IT service business (including consulting, SI construction, operation, maintenance, outsourcing and more)

IT Platform Business Unit

Software product business (including OS, SI platform software and more), software support service business and product business (including open servers, mainframes, super computers, storage, industry-specific work stations and more)

Carrier Network Business Unit

Network integration and product businesses aimed at telecommunications carriers

Enterprise Communications Solutions Operations Unit

Network solutions business aimed at enterprise customers in Japan and overseas

Social Infrastructure Solutions Business Unit

Social infrastructure solutions business (including broadcasting, control, aerospace, defense and other systems)

Personal Solutions Business Unit

Product business (including mobile terminals, mobile software and more) Product business (including PCs, displays, peripheral devices and more), service business and BIGLOBE service business

Intellectual Asset R&D Unit

Research and development aimed at strengthening the NEC Group's technical competence, the development of new businesses and business models and the creation of intellectual assets and the enhancement of their profits

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