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Replaced the use of paper and plastic cups in the pantry

The CSR team took the initiative in the very initial days of company inception for replacement of usage of paper and plastic cups in the pantry by ceramic mugs which are reusable and help in reducing the carbon footprint. HR department also contributed in the initiative by gifting ceramic mugs to the employees on their birthdays.

Save Paper, Save Trees Initiative

Created awareness for saving trees by promoting the use of soft copy of documents instead of print outs in hard copy. Also, under the same initiative, encouraged the employees to take print outs on both sides of the pages. The one-sided print outs which were thrown in trash were reused in the form of small notepads and distributed for office use.

 Distribution of saplings

Free plant saplings were distributed to the employees for plantation near their vicinity for promotion of greenery in their respective areas.

 Greenery Day and Recycled items contest

To spread environmental awareness, our CSR team had taken an initiative to celebrate the entire week from 28th April till 4th May 2016 as Greenery Week. As a part of this initiative, several emails were sent for creating awareness among employees about saving paper and trees.

We also organized an internal contest on 4th May 2016, in which a total of 7 teams from NTI (Noida) and NBEC (Bengaluru) participated to create anything from recycled items which are environment friendly. All participants came out with very innovative and creative products made out of waste material. We captured the golden moments of the day.

Greenery Day and Recycled items contest

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