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NTI's approach to Corporate Social Responsibility

As a company we believe that that our success is measured by more than just the profit we make and the revenue we earn. The positive contribution we can make to lives of individuals and the environment through good business is equally important to our long-term success. It doesn't matter if the contribution is small or a large one, what matters is making a difference and doing your bit and giving back to the community in the best possible way. Since its inception, NTI has been firmly committed to addressing the global challenges of environment preservation and education.
Since we became NEC Technologies India (the wholly owned subsidiary of NEC) we have aligned our goals to NEC's CSR which focuses on :

  • Nature
  • Education
  • Community

We are a part of NEC's "Make-a-Difference Drive (NEC MDD)" which is a volunteer activity that all NEC group employees worldwide participate in NTI participates in a wide variety of social contribution activities for the realization of enriched society.

Awards and accolades:

NTI received a special Business Oriented Award for this initiative at the NEC CSR Awards 2012 function organized in Tokyo, Japan. This initiative was awarded under “Remove the Digital Divide” mission of NEC.

Summary: They helped and supported Blind Development Educational and Vocational centre by providing five old computers in good working condition along with one year rent of their premises amounting to around 200,000 JPY. This has been carried out in responding to their strong desire to learn computers and make an independent living is outstanding.

While we have achieved a great deal in a short time, we still have miles to go. We are constantly looking to expand our CSR initiatives, reach out to a larger number of people and do more for the benefit and betterment of the community at large.

If you would like to get in touch with us, you can contact us at


The CSR team at NTI consists of a young and energetic team of individuals consisting of core members and activists who work tirelessly towards the fulfilment of CSR objectives of

  • Giving back to the community by assisting the less privileged
  • Supporting and participating in community initiatives
  • Working towards environment conservation
  • Supporting the spread of education
  • Ensuring safe and good working conditions for all employees

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