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To Realize an Information Society Friendly to Humans and the Earth

Intelligence for Cities and Communities, and the World

NEC’s strengths lie in its outstanding technologies capable of contributing to the development of society, such as sensing, identification, surveillance, control and cloud platforms.
By taking full advantage of these technologies, NEC will create new value together with customers by supporting four networks underpinning society, namely energy, information, transportation and distribution and social networks.

The world is changing dramatically. Looking back, the 20th century was an age when astonishing scientific and technological progress enabled people to lead enriched lifestyles. However, the trends of mass production, mass consumption, and mass waste disposal brought about by the development and concentration of technologies on an industrial scale, combined with other factors, have triggered various problems related to sustainability, such as environmental issues and rapid population growth, as well as the depletion of resources. These trends have also magnified regional disparities.

The 21st century is an age when solutions to these social issues must be found. The quest for these solutions has spawned new business opportunities for enterprises.
Accordingly, enterprises will be expected to take a new approach going forward. They will need to pursue both the sustainable growth of their own businesses and society, by creating new value that will solve issues faced by society.

As society becomes increasingly complex, enterprises must listen earnestly to the voice of customers and other stakeholders.
Doing so will be vital to enterprises as they seek to create new value while managing and mitigating a diverse array of risk. The key to building a brighter future will be for enterprises to work together with all stakeholders, while closely communicating with them, in an effort to solve issues facing society.

Promoting the "C&C Cloud Strategy" to Realize an Information Society Friendly to Humans and the Earth

Based on this recognition, NEC has established the NEC Group Vision 2017 as follows: "To be a leading global company leveraging the power of innovation to realize an information society friendly to humans and the earth."

What sort of society does NEC mean by "an information society friendly to humans and the earth"? NEC defines this concept as "a society where people around the world can lead enriched lifestyles that are safe, secure and convenient through services accessible by anyone, anytime, and anywhere." At the same time, this society must "enable sustained development in harmony with the environment by utilizing finite resources efficiently."
To help realize such a society, NEC is implementing its "C&C Cloud Strategy." In essence, the "cloud" refers to providing customers with IT services over networks. Meanwhile, "C&C" is the central concept of NEC’s Corporate Philosophy. The meaning of "C&C," which stands for integration of Computers and Communications, has changed over the years. The"C&C" concept now embodies NEC’s aspirations to create new value by linking people together, with the view to enhance the abilities of people and realize our vision.

Under the "C&C Cloud Strategy," NEC will leverage its strengths to provide a total service spanning the following three elements of the cloud:

  1. Services provided via the cloud
  2. IT/Network platforms for delivering and processing data within the cloud
  3. Terminals and various sensors needed to collect various forms of data, or needed by end users to access various services.

Through the "C&C Cloud Strategy," NEC will coordinate four networks underpinning society, namely energy, information, transportation and distribution, and social networks. The goal is to enable accurate monitoring of current conditions and predictions of future changes. Moreover, NEC seeks to share and combine people’s information, knowledge, insights, emotions and thoughts by linking enterprises and organizations across different sectors. By creating new value through this process, NEC aims to realize "an information society friendly to humans and the earth."

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