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Business Outline

IT Services Business

NEC supplies government agencies and private-sector companies with a range of IT services covering systems construction, maintenance and support, and outsourcing. Using its extensive experience in building highly reliable systems backed by state-of-the-art IT and network technologies, NEC aims to help realize an information society friendly to humans and the earth.

IT Products Business

NEC supplies customers with products essential to the construction of IT systems, including all manner of servers, supercomputers, storage equipment and software. NEC is committed to boosting the performance and energy efficiency of its products to help realize safe, secure, convenient and eco-friendly IT infrastructure.

Network Systems Business

NEC supplies equipment required in network construction to communications service providers and corporate customers, along with network control platform systems and operating services. NEC's wealth of experience in large-scale network construction and strong technical capabilities contribute to the development of highly reliable communications networks.

Social Infrastructure Business

NEC supplies industrial systems that support social infrastructure, including broadcasting systems, artificial satellites and integrated CCTV surveillance systems for airports and local governments, as well as other security-related systems that enhance public safety.

Personal Solutions Business

NEC provides mobile handsets, personal computers and other terminals that channel individuals to the ubiquitous networking society, as well as "BiGlOBE" internet services. NEC is also developing new services that combine all of those elements. Harnessing cutting-edge technology, NEC seeks to develop products and services that are simple and convenient for everyone.

Electron Devices Business

NEC provides the semiconductors, electronic components and other products that play a vital role in realizing higher performance devices mainly for manufacturers involved in digital consumer and automobiles.

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