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Environment and Energy

NEC’s Environment and Energy Concept

Infusing Innovation into the Intelligent Grid

Smart Cities can be identified along six main dimensions: smart economy, smart mobility, smart environment, smart people, smart living, and finally, smart governance. A smart city is a sophisticated combination of ICT and electricity networks that optimizes electricity utilization by exchanging real-time information of electricity among power companies, corporations and homes.


For more than a century, NEC has been at the cutting-edge of research and development (R&D), providing world-class innovations required to meet the growing technological needs fueled by the rapid expansion of information technology, IP and next generation networks and the growing convergence of IT and communications, including Smart Grids.

With NEC’s latest technologies in meter data management, energy storage, electric vehicle charging as well as energy management systems, NEC continues to push the limits of smart grids. What will NEC’s smart energy concepts and solutions mean to you?


By infusing innovation into the intelligent grid, we can create a Smarter City, and a Greener Earth.

NEC’s Environment and Energy Solutions

NEC provides technologies, systems, products and solutions that help generate green energy and enable an energy savings society. NEC’s technologies enable energy system visualization and control, and effective utilization of off-peak and distributed energy sources.

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